The knightsmen band keeps it old school.

Established in 1967, by band leader Cory DeGray, the Knightsmen Band has been providing local establishments with rock and roll music for over three decades. Original band members consisted of Cory DeGray, Dick Fortin, Les Barber, and Fred Bennett. In 1986, Cory welcomed his fifteen year old daughter, Korey, to the band as keyboardist and female vocalist. In 1994 another addition was welcomed as Korey married bass guitarist and vocalist, Tony Bruno. Dave Ziemnicki plays the drums, Jim Blanche on guitar, and other returning members, on keyboards, Ed Beckwith and lead guitar, Pete Smith. In the spring of 2005, the band welcomed 2 new members to the family, Bob Burke on lead guitar and his wife Paula is running sound. Bob Burke was the founder of the band The Corporation. Currently, the Knightsmen Band houses 5 performers. These include Cory, Korey, Tony, Bob, and Dave.  Throughout the last 40 years, band members have come and gone, but all have remained loyal in their friendships.

Most recently, the band has had the opportunity to perform with some of early rock’s legends, including: The Drifters, Billy Joe Royal, Firefall, Joey Dee and the Starlighters, and Jefferson Airplane.

Currently, Cory and the Knightsmen can be found performing in local establishments, as well as traveling the east coast.

No matter what may happen to musical style in the future, one thing is certain: rock and roll is here to stay and along with it, the Knightsmen Band will carry on its tradition generation to generation.